Mumbai NGO appeals to Pakistani activists to save Jadhav

India has reportedly canceled the talks with Pakistan on maritime security, scheduled for next week, amid tension over Islamabad " s decision to convict a suspected spy in the country.

Both institutions meet every year to evaluate and address various aspects of common interest, this time the talks would focus on the arrests of fishermen from the two countries and search and rescue operations in the surrounding waters.

Last week, the Indian spy was awarded death sentence by a military court. India strongly protested saying that the trial was "farcical" and that if the sentence was carried out, it would be termed as "premeditated murder".

Unnamed sources in India's Coast Guard said the Ministry of Defence has not given clearance for the delegation's visit, according to Press Trust of India.

With tension over Kulbhushan Yadav soaring, India today called off maritime security dialogue with Pakistan, which were to be held next week.

Earlier on Saturday (April 15), India marked its protest against the verdict by suspending maritime talks with Pakistan.

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He said the fact that India has demanded consular access 14 times and it has been rejected as many times indicated that the procedure adopted by Pakistan lacked credibility and legitimacy.

"Pakistan government has denied consular access to Jadhav despite India trying for 13 times".

Mathai pointed out how Jadhav was not arrested on Pakistani territory but kidnapped by some militant outfits working in tandem with the current (Pakistan) regime, and that all the military courts were allegedly a sham which did not adhere to principles of natural justice.

"Khalil would take cigarettes and cellphone memory cards with him, besides pictures of bridges, mosques and security installations, " the DSP said, adding that the suspect had given at least two active SIM cards to Indian officials. "We should not take much note of what they (Pakistan) say", Parrikar told DD news in an interview.

Pakistan will send the dossier to the United Nations (UN) and other global institutions.

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