The VW I.D. Crozz is an autonomous, all-electric SUV

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The VW I.D. Crozz is an autonomous, all-electric SUV

Looking remarkably similar to its Skoda crossover concept sibling, Volkswagen has unveiled this, the ID Crozz concept, at the Shanghai motor show.

Volkswagen is planning to launch a range of electric cars beginning around 2020, and it's previewing that courageous new electric world with a series of concept vehicles.

With this said, VW is expected to bring its I.D. concepts to market gradually, starting in 2020 with its compact vehicle - positioned in the same segment as VW's Golf.

What powertrain does the Volkswagen ID Crozz concept have? Four individual seats face the front, and the minimalist dashboard features a steering wheel that retracts in I.D. Pilot mode, as well as a central 10.2-inch touch tablet, a digital 5.8-inch Active Info Display instrument cluster and a electronic rear-view mirror. This range is achieved through the concept car's use of an 83 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack (which is a bit confusing, considering the stated range). Dubbed MEB by Volkswagen, it is the group's third pure battery-electric auto architecture, along with Porsche's Mission E and an electric SUV to sit on the J1 architecture, and Audi's standalone layout called C-BEV. The former has rarely been done well in any production vehicle, being very glare-prone, and the latter seems a little contrived. This leaves plenty of space to fully integrate the car's battery into the vehicle's floor, which also has the added benefit of a low center of gravity and improved handling.

The I.D. CROZZ was conceptualised as a sporty, interactively designed zero-emission all-rounder - with electric all-wheel drive that is equally impressive in the urban environment as it is on the tracks of an active lifestyle. That auto will be one of several electric models Volkwagen plans to offer in just a few short years amid a sharp pivot to electric vehicles and car-sharing concepts, taking aim at Tesla and others.

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The I.D. Crozz will be shown at Auto Shanghai, which is open to the public from April 21.

As with the previous I.D. and I.D. Buzz concepts that came before it, the I.D. Crozz is also an electric idea that will hopefully wipe away some of that disgusting diesel grime caked to the Volkswagen name.

It follows on from the I.D. To indicate that this feature is being used, the ambient interior lights switch from white to "magenta/violet".

Once the vehicle is ready to move, passengers are greeted with a 360-degree light show where glass VW badges at the front and rear hatch light up in the brand's traditional blue and white.

An augmented-reality head-up display projects information such as navigation directions between seven to 15 metres ahead of the auto.

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