Tropical Storm Arlene forms in the Atlantic

First tropical depression of season forms far from land

Tropical Storm Arlene forms in the Atlantic

The next storm to form after this one will be named Bret.

Major hurricanes are those designated as Category 3, 4 or 5 in strength. The system is moving towards the west northwest at 25 miles per hour. Similar to Arlene, Ana started off as a sub-tropical depression and then sub-tropical storm before completely acquiring tropical characteristics.

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Although it's not yet known whether another El Nino pattern will take shape, hurricane researchers at CSU say there "is the potential that a weak to moderate El Nino could develop by the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season". The 2016 season got a jump-start when Hurricane Alex formed January 14. "The only exception is if we get tropical cyclone activity in the deep tropics prior to August 1. That was the case in 2004", said WLOX Meteorologist, Eric Jeansonne. It wasn't surprising that it developed enough to become Sub-Tropical Depression 1 on Wednesday morning.

Arlene, which is not a threat to the USA, beat the official June 1 start of hurricane season by more than a month, growing from a subtropical depression hundreds of miles west of the Azores that meteorologists gave little merit. Arlene is forecast to track westwards through the remote North Atlantic, before being absorbed by a large non-tropical low pressure system later today, Friday April 21. The National Hurricane Center however, has issued warnings about Subtropical Depression One for the Azores as it moves with maximum sustained winds of 55 km per hour and gusts of 75 km per hour.

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