Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world

International Record Store Day to be observed at Radio Wasteland Records

International Record Store Day to be observed at Radio Wasteland Records

No in-store discounts on the day, but buyers get buy-one-get-one-free coupons for future used LP purchases. In 2009, 1,000 record stores participated, and 1,400 were involved by 2012.

Record Store Day began in 2007 as a way to honor and acknowledge the almost 1,400 independently owned record stores in the United States.

Tempest will give an exclusive preview of a special track she recorded straight to vinyl at Abbey Road Studios to celebrate RSD.

Recordland's intimidating collection of used vinyl is a risky place to start; it's easy to spend a whole day digging through the towering shelves. John habitually engaged in music store shopping sprees in various cities on his world tours in years past, amassing a monumental collection over the decades. Its owners also operate the label Schizophrenic Records, and in past years have done limited runs of their own releases to coincide with RSD, including special pressings by Rammer and Haymaker.

The Record Store Day web site encourages patrons to "support indie record stores ... not flippers".

As for the lifespan of record stores, Ronnie believes that it is generally 2 - 5 years.

"There's a few things from the Cure, there's a Grateful Dead release that's never been out before, (and) there's a Smiths special single that hasn't been around in a long time", Nardone said. All of a sudden, everyone has got these orders and everything.

"So many to choose from, but I'm really looking forward to the Claypool Lennon Delirium's 10-inch EP, mostly because their release a year ago was one of my favorites and I can't wait to hear more from them".

I love the look of a wall of CDs and record albums on my shelves.

Are there any ways that the demands of Record Store Day affect production?

"We got one", Mike said. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed staring at my shoes and thinking, "There's no way I get that record". Usually, you could be like, "Oh well, this is wrong, let's go back and redo it".

"You have to innovate to be successful now", said Michael Kurtz, Record Store Day co-founder and president of the largest coalition of independent record stores. The plant now produces 20,000 records a day.

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The weirdest thing is the most confidential record - can't talk about it!

I've done the math, and it seems like, with determination and careful planning, it's possible to see Tall David, Some Sons of Mudboy (twice), and end the day on a blanket in front of Minglewood, counting a stack of rare 7-inchers to the sounds of Son Volt. You put the needle down in one spot so it's playing one song, and you put the needle right down in the groove next to it and it plays a different song.

The worldwide day (which promotes vinyl sales and rare collector's items) is dedicated to "record culture, record lovers, record makers and most of all, the incredible record stores that make it all possible", says

The idea to launch a record label arose during New Year's celebrations in Nashville with music industry professionals.

Are there any notable reissue trends this year? "We know the albums are going to be a huge hit". It's wild how many we have to do!

So it sounds like Record Store Day is just another part of your production calendar now.

"But a good record shop makes a unique contribution to the cultural life of a town all year round".

"People line up to come in buy stuff, which we can't sell until that morning", Bernath said". Indies rule. We haven't gone anywhere.

In-stores in every market. That magical day that has come once a year since 2007.

That now, the emotional experience of buying and owning a piece of art is more important than it ever was.

With extended hours on Saturday, the store will have three live shows - each with multiple acts - through the day.

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