Kim Jong-un warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike' against U.S.

Kim Jong-un warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike' against U.S.

Kim Jong-un warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike' against U.S.

"The only thing we need to hear from North Korea is that they are ending and ultimately dismantling their nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles program", Pence told CNN.

United States defence secretary Jim Mattis warned that North Korea's latest failed missile launch was a reckless act of provocation and assured allies in Asia that America was ready to work to achieve a peaceful denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Reports say that Sinpo is not only a testing and launch field for missiles but also a port for North Korea's submarine activities.

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday condemned North Korea's latest missile test and demanded Pyongyang not conduct any more nuclear tests in a statement that was delayed as the United States and Russian Federation sparred over its language. North Korea has been conducting several nuclear tests and missile launches in contravention of UNO resolutions.

During his visit to the North Korea border this week, Vice President Mike Pence announced that Washington's strategy of so-called "strategic patience" with the North is over.

But, "we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response".

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An op-ed in a North Korean state newspaper warns, "Our pre-emptive strike towards US and its followers will be the most merciless strike, aiming for a complete destruction that doesn't allow the survival of the enemies".

Seoul, the South Korean capital, is just a stone's throw away from the military demarcation line that splits the Korean peninsula and is within easy range of North Korean long-range artillery.

A U.S. Defense official told the network that U.S. Intelligence has seen a rising number of Chinese military aircraft being prepped for deployment, in what authorities believe will "reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency". Those possibilities include defensive exercises or Chinese concerns over North Korea.

A first strike against North Korea, he says, is the only option even if it nearly inevitably provokes war across Asia.

U.S. President Donald Trump holds a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 20, 2017. "We don't know whether or not they're able to do that, but I have absolute confidence that he will be trying very, very hard", he said.

China is regarded as a major influence on North Korea and the USA has sought its support in influencing the rogue state.

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