Sanctuary cities threatened with loss of federal grant money

Sanctuary cities threatened with loss of federal grant money

Sanctuary cities threatened with loss of federal grant money

In a statement, the Justice Department singled out Chicago and New York as two cities that are "crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime", even though New York City is experiencing its lowest crime levels in decades and experts say Chicago's recent spike in violent crime has little to do with illegal immigration.

The letters from Acting Assistant Attorney General Alan Hanson stated the Justice Department "expects each of these jurisdictions to comply with this grant condition and to submit all documentation to the Office of Justice Programs" by June 30.

They have placed officers in an impossible Catch-22: "between obeying the directives and orders of their superiors and elected officials on one hand, and the obligation they feel to follow the direction of the law and to cooperate with federal immigration officials on the other", Mullins said. In 2016 we locked up over 1,000 people in over 100 gang takedowns.

Seth Stein, a spokesman for City Hall in New York City, said the administration's push was "nothing new" and that the "grandstanding shows how out of touch the Trump administration is with reality". Maybe we should ask them if we're soft on crime. The grant program is the leading source of federal justice funding to states and local communities.

New York City's lone Congressional Republican, Representative Dan Donovan, criticized the practices of sanctuary cities, but also wrote that the NYPD made New York the safest big city in America. "If they don't do that, then we have to go into neighborhoods". Cook County, Illinois, also received a warning, even though it did not get money from the Justice Department a year ago.

The department sent the city a letter warning it to comply with federal immigration enforcement of risk losing grant money. Clark County is not a 'sanctuary county, ' despite its inclusion on some lists. That prompted Preet Bharara, the former USA attorney for New York's Southern District, to question why the Justice Department "would ignorantly malign" the New York Police Department.

The grants in question are among the largest handed out under the programme, collectively amounting to 11 per cent of the US$256 million distributed in the last fiscal year. It was reviewing the Justice Department's letter.

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Emanuel's office said Chicago wants to be seen as a "welcoming" city for immigrants.

"We don't think there's a problem", he said.

"People are scared, and because of that, they're less willing to report crime", Butterworth added. Doña Ana, Valencia and San Juan counties also received funding, among others.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu's executive counsel and director of federal relations said the city reviewed a letter Friday from the Justice Department.

"Milwaukee County has its challenges but they are not caused by illegal immigration", he said in a statement. "My far greater concern is the proactive dissemination of misinformation, fear, and intolerance", said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Information for this article was contributed by Matt Zapotosky of The Washington Post; by Sadie Gurman, Michael Kunzelman, Ivan Moreno, Sophia Tareen, Amy Taxin, Ken Ritter and Karen Matthews of The Associated Press; by Charlie Savage and Liz Robbins of The New York Times; by Lesley Clark of Tribune News Service; and by Angela Hart of The Sacramento Bee.

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