USS Carl Vinson to arrive in Sea of Japan by April end

Vice President Mike Pence speaks to U.S. servicemen and Japanese Self Defense Forces personnel on the flight deck of U.S. navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan at the U.S. Navy's Yokosuka base

USS Carl Vinson to arrive in Sea of Japan by April end

After it turned out that the Carl Vinson deployed to deter North Korea did not reach the Sea of Japan reportedly because White House and Pentagon failed to communicate effectively and was spotted near Indonesia, it was reported that it will finally reach the Korean Peninsula later this month.

The U.S. Seventh Fleet says the pilot was conducting routine flight operations late Friday local time during a transit in the Celebes Sea.

"The president said that we have an armada going toward the [Korean Peninsula]", he said.

Tensions between the United States and the North have soared recently following a drumbeat of missile tests and fears that Pyongyang may be readying a sixth nuclear test.

Experts have been saying that North Korea may conduct its sixth nuclear test.

"The steps we're seeing China take, in many ways unprecedented steps, bringing economic pressure to bear on North Korea are very welcome", Pence said.

The next day, the New York Times published a story headlined: "Breaking News: Aircraft carrier wasn't sailing to deter North Korea, as US suggested".

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"One thing that nations, most especially the regime in North Korea, should make no mistake about is that the United States has the resources, the personnel, and the presence in this region of the world to see to our interests and to see to the security of those interests and our allies", he said.

For those keeping score, after three months in office, Donald Trump has now managed to annoy and/or offend South Korea, Great Britain, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Australia, and China, among others.

Mr Pence told a joint news conference with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney that the deal would be subject to vetting, and that honouring it "doesn't mean that we admire the agreement". The Trump administration recently declared an end to "strategic patience" toward North Korea.

It made no mention of the Sea of Japan or North Korea, though a US official told ABC News that the intended redirection of the Vinson was to the Sea of Japan east of the Korean Peninsula. Russian media has denied reports that Moscow was building up its forces near the Korean border.

Earlier this week, the North tested an apparent medium-range missile that blew up nearly immediately.

A United States aircraft carrier the Navy had said was heading toward the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions has not yet started sailing to the region, a United States defense official acknowledged Tuesday (Apr 18).

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