Trump meets Turnbull, praises Australia's universal healthcare

"We have failing health care", Trump said, turning to Turnbull, "I shouldn't say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia, because you have better healthcare than we do".

President Donald Trump's praise of Australia's government-funded health care system has raised the ire of Sen.

Trump met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia on May 4, 2017, in New York City. Turnbull travelled to NY for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

President Donald Trump says few people share ties in history, affection and culture like the Americans and the Australians.

Mr Turnbull said the alliance with the USA was built on "almost a century of shared service and sacrifice".

Some protesters lined up along the West Side Highway, confined to pens near the Intrepid while holding up signs saying "Dump Trump" and chanted "Not my president".

President Donald Trump is touting what he calls his "fantastic relationship" with Australia despite an earlier contentious phone call with its prime minister.

The leaders spoke aboard the USS Intrepid, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of a World War II battle that reinforced the ties between the US and Australia.

Trump's new healthcare plan still has to pass the Senate, and Sanders pledged to quote the president's backing of the Australian system while debating the bill on the Senate floor.

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"We have a very intense engagement with the United States on these matters", Mr Turnbull said.

The Australian government said that the President's decision to make Turnbull wait was "an unbelievable snub", CNN reported.

Not only that, but the refugee deal with Australia that the president described on Twitter as a "dumb deal" was also OK. Trump says it "got a little bit testy" but denies the tone was any harsher than that. "It's been worked out for a long time", Trump said on Thursday, as the pair, dressed in black tie, smiled and swapped legislative war stories.

Trump objected to a pre-existing agreement between Washington and Canberra that the US would accept some refugees now in Australian custody.

"It's been worked out for a long time", Trump said in NY after meeting Turnbull face-to-face for the first time.

"And the relationship between Australia and the United States, the alliance, is so strong, so enduring. I'll be there. We'll be there - absolutely we'll be there".

During his speech, Trump brought the call up once more.

Health care in the U.S. is much more complicated - there is no broad overarching government-funded health care system.

The bill also allow insurers to charge higher premiums for those in their 50s and early 60s, compared to younger consumers, and slashes federal support for Medicaid.

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