Memphis Man Dies After Setting Himself on Fire on Facebook Live

Facebook Live of man who died after setting himself on fire creates social media concerns

Facebook Live of man who died after setting himself on fire creates social media concerns

The horrific incident was broadcast live on McLemore's Facebook page.

A man runs over to help, then the can falls over and McLemore erupts in flames before he runs out of frame.

A Memphis man died after setting himself on fire on Facebook Live Saturday morning. He killed himself shortly after midnight.

A U.S. man died at a hospital after live streaming his suicide on social networking site Facebook, the media reported on Saturday.

Facebook has taken the video down.

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Upon McLemore entering Murphy's bar in midtown Memphis, a number of patrons reportedly attempted to put out the flames with their shirts, local news station WREG reported Saturday.

"This overwhelming smell of kerosene filled the room" said Jim Duckworth, who had just finished playing a set with his band, Billie Dove.

"It looked like a movie, like someone wearing a flame-retardant suit.There were some people who thought that it was a joke", Kimberly Koehler, another witness. "Before you see anything, the smell filled the room". According to WREG, there are court records confirming McLemore's 2016 arrest for strangling his ex-girlfriend in a domestic violence attack. He was required to get a mental evaluation and was later sentenced to probation. It's not clear whether McLemore complied with the order.

Video showed McLemore dousing himself in a liquid from a metal can.

The musician had a history of domestic abuse and even tried to kill Moore before, FOX13 reported.

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