Check out the artwork for Katy Perry's new album

Katy Perry literally put her head on a platter for a new video and the outcome is all kinds of uncomfortable.

Hopefully it gets elevated to official single status and allows for the euthanasia of Bon Appetit.

'No it's like, the sixty-seventh weirdest thing I've ever done, ' she says with a laugh.

Museums guests are eventually led into the room, and nearly all seem disoriented by the head just straight up chilling on the table-though only a few seem to realize that the head they're looking at belongs to Katy. Crew members arrange fruit around her head, and Katy admits, "This is not one of the most unusual situations I've met someone in".

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Those who visited the installation - which features Perry sticking her head through a picnic table - were told they were seeing the art of "Katheryn Hudson", Katy's real name.

When Blasberg asked the surprised guests if they knew who the blonde was, many were quiet until one piped up, 'That looks like Katy Perry'. We've seen this through her insane fashion and outrageous music videos, and her latest song, 'Bon Appetit' gives weird a whole new meaning!

On a Tuesday radio interview with WKTU New York, Miley recalled a story about her involvement in one of Perry's biggest hits.

It's been a busy few months for Perry, who just announced her album Witness will be released June 9.

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