Facebook Messenger design update brings tabs to the home screen

Facebook Messenger design update brings tabs to the home screen

Facebook Messenger design update brings tabs to the home screen

The Messenger updates will be rolling out worldwide on iOS and Android this week.

Facebook is making a series of changes to its Messenger platform that are focused on improving its navigability.

The new home screen is organised around making Messenger the central hub for connecting with both people and businesses.

Now, at the top of the Messenger home screen, there are tabs for your messages and a list of who's active on the app now (as indicated by the green dot next to their name), alongside the new groups tab.

The Groups tab is moving from the bottom of the navigation bar to a tab on the top of the screen.

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The app's home screen has been reorganised, with a top bar showing new tabs for Messages, who is Active, and favourite Groups, as well as a bottom bar for Home, Calls, the Camera button, People and Games. A red dot functions as a simple visual clue to let users know that they've missed certain things that they should catch up on.

'As messaging has evolved from text to richer forms of communication, Messenger has introduced new features to support that shift. In the future, Marcus says this section will also include a "Discover" tab.

By giving active users their own dedicated section, it feels like Messenger is encouraging you to start more conversations through the app, as it's easier to see who's online in one long, vertically scrollable list, as opposed the horizontal scrollbar before.

'Today's update puts the many ways people connect on Messenger front and centre'.

While not a totally new look, the smaller changes should help to better streamline the app and make it more accessible for users. This update is going to be rolled out for all Messenger users on iOS and Android globally this week.

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