Fox News co-founder Roger Ailes dies at age 77

Fox News co-founder Roger Ailes dies at age 77

Fox News co-founder Roger Ailes dies at age 77

Ailes, who founded Fox News in 1996, and continued as its CEO until he was sacked a year ago following allegations of sexual harassment at the network, was one of the most influential people shaping news - and politics - behind the scenes.

His career with Fox News ended in disgrace, however, when he resigned previous year amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Ailes led Fox News for two decades, transforming the network into the nation's most dominant cable news source.

Trump "sort of represents Roger Ailes's legacy of 50 years of using television to advance a style - a populist style of conservative politics", journalist and author Gabriel Sherman told NPR's Terry Gross last summer. "After all he built in his career, he for all practical purposes died alone". Not sure I would have been President w/o his great talent, loyal help. RIP. He went on to advise President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and then-Vice President George H.W. Bush in 1988 for their election campaigns, according to Folkenflik. That total included a $20 million settlement in September to former Fox and Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson, who filed suit against Ailes.

As an aide to President Richard Nixon in 1970, he prepared a 300-page memo titled, "A Plan for Putting the GOP on TV News".

Ailes was born in Warren, Ohio, and studied radio and television production at Ohio University, according to Fox News.

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The formula shook the American news industry and changed American politics.

In the 2016 presidential race, Ailes parlayed his friendship with Donald Trump into a role as informal adviser for the presidential hopeful, even sitting in on debate prep for the candidate in his face-offs with Hillary Clinton. It became the audience leader in cable news.

The crowning achievement, however, was sullied in his final months by the charges of sexual misconduct. Those claims snowballed amid an internal company investigation, and numerous current and former women employees at the channel, including Megyn Kelly, came forward to claim they had faced similar treatment.

Carlson alleged at least six conditions in which Ailes referred to her body, intimidated her or used demeaning language.

Most people won't speak well of Roger Ailes today.

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