Huge Android O screenshot gallery walks you through all the changes

Google says new tools will encourage sharing of photos that you might have meant to share, but maybe forgot.

During the keynote at the Google I/O conference this week, the internet giant unveiled a version of its Assistant as an app for the iPhone. Each app can easily have its own font that won't interrupt our devices. Each new user product adds to the accuracy of the prediction: The more data, the better the accuracy.

Google Lens is augmented-reality for Google Assistant. That's bad news for the Alphabet Inc. unit, which wants its voice-based technology everywhere.

One great thing about Android O is it will limit the processes applications can perform in the background when multiple apps are running. But bringing Assistant to the iPhone as of now seems to be mostly limited to Google's own productivity apps available on the App Store. You just put it on and it works out of the box. In a way it is, but it's also so much more. We also previewed new security and management features in Android O that give enterprise customers additional app and data protections.

The notification tray is still there, Google is just offering another way of accessing app notifications - instead of pulling down the notification shade to view a particular alert, you can now view it by pressing and holding on the icon of an app that has a notification dot so you can act on it or swipe it away.

One major job listing site, Indeed, is not one of Google's partners. We've been using Cortana for years now, first on Windows Phone handsets and more recently on Windows PCs, where she helps out with everyday tasks.

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You can't launch apps, search some Apple content stores, or pull up photos.

In the machine learning game, the more data you have, the faster your programs learn.

Google announced a lot of new bells and whistles Wednesday " several of which, it turns out, are already offered by rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

All users have to do is activate Google Assistant and then ask it to send money, tell it the amount, and who to send it to, and that's it. (Samsung has also signalled its intention to include its Bixby assistant in appliances.) But Google's SDK promises to radically accelerate the deployment of AI assistant into countless other products. Instead of feigning excitement about numerous relatively minor updates Google choose to focus on, us regular people could have been excited about the new iOS-like version of the Android ecosystem. The most notable was creating its Google Brain research group in 2011 responsible for researching, proving and applying AI systems. However, texts and calls require an extra step. Siri is deeply integrated into your car's Bluetooth system. Since no word on SMS support for Allo came with I/O, I'll be glad to uninstall Allo now that the only feature I use it for will be built in to Google Assistant.

Google Photos Introduced two years ago, Google Photos now have more than 500 million users every month. So how will they know which one should respond? You can type into the Assistant.

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