Labour spending plans to create £58bn hole in public finances, claim Tories

Critics say the move leftwards stirs memories of the party's 1983 manifesto, described then by a Labour lawmaker as "the longest suicide note in history" for helping the Conservatives, and some have questioned how the party can fund its program.

Britain's opposition Labour Party launched a "radical and responsible" election manifesto on Tuesday, showing a shift to the left to try to capitalize on voters' concerns over education and health before next month's vote.

"I see leadership as not dictating but leadership is also about listening".

Guided by the strapline "For The Many: Not The Few", Corbyn's manifesto seeks to impose £50 billion in annual tax rises for top United Kingdom earners (+ £80,000 per year), combined with a return to nationalising United Kingdom civic services such as the Royal Mail, National Grid and transport sectors. "We're having a real Jeremy Corbyn victory party to toast our success!" "Labour Brexit that puts jobs first or a Tory Brexit that'll be geared towards the interests of the City of London and risk making Britain a low-wage tax haven".

Prime Minister Theresa May called the snap vote, citing the need to strengthen her hand for Brexit talks, and polls show her Conservatives handing Labour its worst defeat since at least 1983.

Labour revealed the cost of Jeremy Corbyn's plan to transform the British economy, asking voters to back £48 billion of tax rises and £250bn of new borrowing in exchange for the promise of a "better future".

Applications for US jobless aid fell to 3-month low of 232K
The latest week's data covers the period used for the monthly employment survey for May, which will be released June 2. Employers added 211,000 jobs in April as the unemployment rate fell to a 10-year low of 4.4 per cent.

"We are sending messages out to our members saying, this is a decent, honest man, who is on your side, what have you got to be afraid of, what have you go to lose?" Mr McCluskey's prediction of 200 seats for Labour suggests a Tory majority of around 80.

She told BBC Radio Scotland: "I hope he is wrong, I want to see a Labour government across the whole of the United Kingdom, that's what I'm spending every waking moment of my day campaigning for".

"I was really excited to get so close to Jeremy today, I've been following him since the start of his leadership campaign past year and am a huge fan".

A chastened McCluskey, whose union's support and money has been key in propping up Corbyn, issued a statement on Wednesday claiming his words to Politico were taken out of context.

We're not going to repeat them here, but suffice to say the report is extremely slanted in a direction that we honestly struggle to recognise following years of following JME's work (and social media output).

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