Playoffs show Raptors need a makeover

Playoffs show Raptors need a makeover

Playoffs show Raptors need a makeover

He doesn't have to stay with the Toronto Raptors if he doesn't want to, and he is paid substantially less than DeMar DeRozan.

"Any time you lose, you don't feel good", said Tucker, who exited looking resplendent in a sports jacket over a vintage Iron Maiden T-shirt featuring the 1981 album "Killers".

This second quote was just after the Cavaliers completed the sweep on the Raptors.

He eventually left for Miami, saying he needed to learn how to win, and along with a cast of All-Stars won two National Basketball Association titles in four seasons before returning to Cleveland.

The Raptors would eventually realize their mistakes, trading Sullinger to the Suns for some much needed defence in the form of P.J. Tucker, while also starting to use Valanciunas off the bench in the playoffs.

"It's tough because we know we're better, we could have played better in the first two games and we didn't", he said.

The Raptors don't have enough creators and clearly they suffered by having so few outside threats. From there, the Cavs were able to close the game out as Toronto could not close the gap the rest of the way. And when he got injured, many Toronto Raptors fans lost all hope that the team could beat James and the Cavaliers and advance to the next round.

The Raptors can re-sign Lowry with his Bird rights, but they won't have much if any cap room to make sizable additions. Irving's layup with four minutes remaining had Cleveland ahead by eight points and James hit a three-pointer with just under three minutes left to put the Cavaliers ahead by 11.

There's a chance that Kyle Lowry may not return if he opts out of his contract this summer (which he said he meant to do) and doesn't re-sign with the Raptors (though to be clear, despite the slight panic we have with this post, he totally could).

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Here is a look at the cumulative point differential for every eight-game stretch during the regular season (the line) and how the first eight games of the playoffs (red point) compares. If what these two teams did over 82 games was rendered so meaningless in the first seven days of May, then how important were those 82 games?

The coach also said he would leave questions about the future of his roster up to management.

To be fair, if you put King James on any National Basketball Association team they could probably beat the Raptors.

Cleveland won 10 straight to begin the playoffs previous year.

No, you don't want to be on "the treadmill of mediocrity" in this league, but the Raptors are not mediocre. "He's unbelievable. He's a great player". His presence has made an enormous difference for this team, but that difference continues to grow as he gets more and more comfortable with his place on the team and his role in the offense. "One thing about Case, Case is one hell of a person outside of a coach".

But DeMar DeRozan isn't going to make excuses.

The three time All-Star has emerged as a dominating point guard over the last couple of years. But DeRozan is under contract for at least three more years. Ibaka, Tucker and Patrick Patterson are set to become free agents, and there is no guarantee they will return.

"Sure, but obviously being a free agent you see what's going on", he added.

The Raptors' outlook is complicated.

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