Russian FM mocks US media over intelligence-sharing reports

"As far as I can recall, maybe one month or two months earlier, the Trump administration had a laptop ban from seven Middle Eastern countries, and that it was connected directly to a terrorist threat", Lavrov told reporters in Nicosia, speaking through an interpreter.

Lavrov arrived in Nicosia on Thursday to attend a foreign ministers' meeting of the Council of Europe at the end of Cyprus's presidency this month.

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov adjust his glasses during a press conference after a meeting with his Cyprus counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides at the foreign ministry in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, on Thursday, May 18, 201.

He joked that some USA media were acting like communist newspapers in the former Soviet Union and not offering real news.

"There used to be a joke in the Soviet Union that there was a newspaper, Pravda, so called Truth, that there was no "izvestia" or news in there", Lavrov said. "Truly, I get this impression that many USA media are working in this vein".

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During a working visit to Cyprus, Lavrov said that what Trump actually told him was that Islamic State (IS) terrorists were capable of staffing untraceable explosives in laptops.

Lavrov said: "So, if you're talking about that, I see no secret here".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday he saw "no secrets" in US media reports of apparent security threats by Islamic state that were divulged by President Donald Trump last week. Other outlets, including The Associated Press, later confirmed the report.

He said the US and Russian Federation must pool efforts in the fight against terrorism and work together to strengthen nuclear non-proliferation.

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