Trump doesn't plan to use Israel trip to announce embassy move

The front of the US embassy is seen in Tel Aviv, Israel January 20, 2017.

"We'll move the embassy", the official stated, adding, "just give us time".

Nikki Haley, President Donald Trump's United Nations ambassador, waded into a diplomatic minefield on Wednesday by asserting that the Western Wall is part of Israel, a deviation from USA policy.

Hier repeated his belief that Trump would clarify matters after he arrived in the country.

"The conversation dealt with a few issues that needed to be concluded regarding President Trump's visit to Israel", an anonymous senior official told Haaretz, who said the two leaders did not discuss the Russian Federation intelligence leak.

"Does he turn in that direction and do something such as announce he is going to move the embassy and send a loud and clear message that he's serious and needs to be dealt with - that's a part of Donald Trump we see all the time".

No country now has its embassy in Jerusalem. This is the reason foreign embassies are located in Tel Aviv.

The U.S. has a congressional mandate to move its embassy but presidents have signed a twice yearly waiver since 1995.

Rosen has close ties with USA leaders on both sides of the political aisle, including former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a call from Trump Tuesday, Haaretz reported.

Trump reportedly told Lavrov about a laptop bomb plot of ISIS, including the city in Syria where the information was collected.

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Trump campaigned on a pledge to move the United States embassy in support of Israel, but has since backed away from the promise, particularly after Palestine observed that the move would imply a prejudice on the part of the USA and hinder Washington's ability to broker peace between the two countries.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also asked about the report.

But, Rosen said, Trump is "skilled" at making provocative decisions.

The administration's feet dragging is destined to come to an end in the near future. The U.S. sees the Kurds as strong military partners, but the Turkish government says they have ties to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, which it views as a terrorist organization.

He'll meet next week in Jerusalem with Netanyahu and Bethlehem with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu wanted to join Trump on his visit to the Wall, which is unprecedented for a sitting president.

Daniel Shapiro, who was the US ambassador to Israel for the last 5½ years of the Obama administration, and Scott Lasensky, an Atlanta native who served as Shapiro's senior adviser, called in from Israel for the second in a three-call educational series led by Lasensky.

A number of Republican congressmen at the event alluded to McMaster's refusal to name the Western Wall as Israeli territory and called for moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Tuesday, the White House acknowledged that the official had made a mistake - but claimed the issue was up for debate. That policy, that "the Western Wall is in Jerusalem", hasn't changed, a State Department official said following Haley's comments.

However, in an early morning tweet, Mr Trump said he had the "absolute right" to share facts pertaining to terrorism. It's clearly in Jerusalem, ' he said during an off-camera briefing.

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