Warm spring brings ticks out early across Minnesota

Tackling Ticks In Sarnia-Lambton

Signs warn of Lyme disease carrying ticks in Windsor Great Park

Although the ticks are out early, Schiffman said it appears that their numbers are typical for a Minnesota spring. Learn how to protect yourself from ticks, be able to recognize the symptoms of a tick borne disease, and more.

Michelle Lively of White Bear Lake was diagnosed with Lyme disease about a year ago, and is still in a lot of pain.

Lyme disease symptoms, including fever, headache fatigue and muscle and joint pains usually occur within one to two weeks but can occur as soon as three days after a bite.

She says if you find a tick, use tweezers to pull it straight out and do not twist, squeeze or burn the insect.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is passed through the bite of an infected deer tick.

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"We know that we have confirmed populations of blacklegged ticks in and around Pinery Provincial Park so it's important to take precautions when visiting the park and in the Lambton Shores area".

The Twin Cities suburb of North Oaks is making a concentrated effort to combat ticks, after a study showed the community, with its spacious lots and woods, was prone to tick diseases. Daily tick checks can prevent infecton, since ticks must be attached for 24 to 48 hours before Lyme disease can be transmitted.

A family is "thrilled" the Crown Estate has installed signs warning that there are ticks in Windsor Great Park. With quick treatment, both are doing well now. Moore said the city is encouraging property owners to reduce tick habitat by removing brush or wood piles and keeping grass short.

"In our most recent survey 42 percent of the people surveyed sought care earlier than they would have in the past", Moore said.

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