Android Gets Security Makeover With Google Play Protect

Siri's got company! In the battle of digital assistants Google heads to Apple turf

Android Gets Security Makeover With Google Play Protect

To be fair, Google's emoji odyssey started way before emojis became en vogue, much less have a widely accepted standard.

Android O: fluid experiences to help you do more Android O, coming later this year, will bring more fluid experiences to your smaller screen, as well as improvements to areas of the phone called "vitals" like battery life and security.

Though not a competitor, Google's slimmed-down phone operating system aimed at cheap Android phones is reminiscent of Facebook's own "skinny" version, called Facebook Lite. Cameras used to be cameras, but now they're apps. Siri. Alexa. Google Assistant. Per se, if your device is infected with a fraudulent ransomware app, it won't be able to access the data of other apps or even the system resources.

Augmented Reality: The announcement of the second-generation Tango (its AR technology) phone going on sale this summer and showcase of its Visual Positioning Service (which is essentially Google Maps for indoors) were impressive but, along with virtual reality, in very early days. Google believes its assistant can get people what they want more quickly because it draws upon the knowledge that the company has accumulated while running the world's most popular search engine. Improved language support using G Board, which allows users to type phonetically and have the translate feature automatically make the shift.

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Google also announced Android Go, Android Go, a slimmed-down, less-demanding version of the operating system to power entry-level devices. Google says the updated console will let developers collect data on app usage and performance, and analyze user discovery platforms.

You can't launch apps, search some Apple content stores, or pull up photos.

In Android O, permissions are less abusable by harmful apps. Siri has come as a built-in service on iPhones since 2011; Google's assistant will require an app download.

Indian handset vendors Micromax, Lava and Karbonn, which are major players in the mass market segment that Google wants to target and were also its partners for Android One, said Thursday they are looking forward to working with the USA company's new OS.

Keeping you safe with Google Play Protect Google Play Protect is a comprehensive set of security services for Android, providing powerful new protections and greater visibility into your device security.

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