BBC One's new drama Three Girls hailed as a complete must

Maxine Peake

BBBC IGNORED Sara Rowbotham played by Maxine Peake alerted the police

The three-part series explores the real life events surrounding the evil Rochdale grooming gang which carried out assaults on dozens of young girls.

Lisa, who plays one of the victims' mothers, Lorna, in the BBC show, revealed how she battled with the horrific storyline, telling the ITV panel: "I got angry and I got more angry". I'm ready to start to live my life again where I haven't been for such a long time.

"Mine's been digitally enhanced", Lisa joked about her chest to her fellow panellists. I feel confident our drama doesn't really give them much opportunity to do so. Why am I feeling so angry?'

"But the real life me, and the real life Liv (Hill's) character (Ruby Bowen), was there behind the monitor".

Lisa's voice trembled as she recalled: "I remember the day when we met with the director and the phenomenal team, and when you read the script and every word is true..."

"Getting the justice out there, it was wonderful I was able to portray that", she added.

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Ms Oliver also appeared on Loose Women, and said the positive response to Three Girls had "restored my faith in people".

"Especially in episode three. there's a bunch of EDL types outside the courtroom, one of whom racially abuses Nazir Azfal, the head of the CPS in the North West, thinking he's a perpetrator".

Yes, this can come with a huge personal cost - Sara Rowbotham lost her job and describes being in a very dark place, including suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

The second episode, aired on Wednesday night, showed police finally attempting to prosecute after years of failing to act on allegations made by a number of the girls.

Actress Jill Halfpenny has taken to social media to thank Three Girls viewers for their support as the harrowing mini-series reached its conclusion.

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