Britain to arrest criminal behind NHS cyber attack: Home Secretary

"Patients should continue to attend and contact their GP Practice in the usual way". The WannaCry worm has affected more than 200,000 Windows computers around the world since Friday, disrupting auto factories, global shipper FedEx Corp and Britain's National Health Service, among others.

British health minister Jeremy Hunt said yesterday that it was "encouraging" that a predicted second spike of cyber attacks had not yet occurred, but the ransomware attack was a warning. "The message is very clear, not just for organizations like the NHS (National Health Service) but for private individuals, for businesses".

She said the attack had not been focused on the NHS but was part of a wide global issue, and said the government had invested £2bil (RM11.4bil) in cybersecurity.

Microsoft itself is unlikely to face legal trouble over the flaw in Windows being exploited by WannaCry, according to legal experts.When Microsoft sells software it does so through a licensing agreement that states the company is not liable for any security breaches, said Michael Scott, a professor at Southwestern Law School.

But Mr Hutchins, who works for Los Angeles-based Kryptos Logic but is from Ilfracombe in north Devon, spent the weekend fighting against the virus that meant computer systems were able to return to relative normality.

A poll on Monday found three-quarters of Britons thought the NHS was in a bad condition and more than 50% blamed the Conservatives for its current woes.

Security Minister Ben Wallace said the government used to contract for computer services across the entire NHS but that in 2007 - when the Labour Party was in power - that was stopped and left to the local trusts that run hospitals.

She said Britain was working with worldwide partners in the global manhunt to find the creators of the cyber attack.

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"We have not seen a second wave of attacks, and the level of criminal activity is at the lower end of the range that we had anticipated; so, I think that is encouraging", he said.

An official of a lead bank in Thiruvananthapuram said, "We had got direction to down the server of computers in banks and restart system on Monday morning to keep away the threat from ransomware and we did so".

Make sure you regularly back up your computer.

NHS Digital said health trusts across England were sent details of an IT security patch that would have protected them from the attack.

NHS Digital said it had made health trusts aware last month of IT protection that could have prevented the damage.

The NHS, which was showcased in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, employs more than 1.5 million people, making it the world's fifth biggest employer after the USA and Chinese militaries, Walmart and McDonald's.

This image provided by the Twitter page of @fendifille shows a computer at Greater Preston CCG as Britain's National Health Service is investigating "an issue with IT" Friday May 12, 2017.

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