Ivanka Trump to take part in presidential trip

Trump departs for his first foreign trip as president.

Trump waved as he stood atop stairs that had been rolled to the side of the official presidential aircraft as it landed at Riyadh's airport.

Saudi Arabia adheres to a conservative interpretation of Islamic law: Alcohol is strictly prohibited, unrelated men and women are required to be segregated in public, and women are forbidden from doing a number of things that men can do, including driving a vehicle and, apparently, going to see Toby Keith concerts.

Ivanka Trump stepped away from running her clothing brand and from an executive role at the Trump Organization before she joined her father's administration as an unpaid adviser.

Trump's meeting with Pope Francis - two men at odds on everything from climate change to refugee policy - remains highly unpredictable, although the pontiff says he will give America's bullish leader an open-minded hearing.

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Several jets also flew overhead leaving a red, white and blue trail.

In his remarks, Trump pledged to work more closely with Muslim leaders in the fight against terrorism, to discuss achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians and to speak with the pope about "how Christian teachings can help put the world on a path to justice, freedom and peace".

This is the president's first worldwide trip, but Ivanka Trump made a brief trip to Germany in April to appear on a panel at a conference dedicated to helping women in business. An outspoken supporter of the embattled POTUS, Keith was one of the (very) few mainstream artists Trump was able to recruit for his inauguration celebration earlier this year. The scheduling choice is designed in part to show respect to the region after months of harsh anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric.

Trump will then travel to Europe, where he will have an audience at the Vatican with Pope Francis, meet with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders in Brussels and finally attend the G7 summit in Taormia, Italy.

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