Melania Trump announces first overseas trip as first lady

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He will seek to rebuild relations with the Muslim world on his first foreign trip even as political scandals mount at home.

Donald trump on their first foreign tours is serving today, may 19.

He appeared to be referring to the mainly Sunni kingdom's regional rival, Shiite-dominated Iran.

As the AP notes, this will be President Trump's first night spent away from the White House at a property that doesn't bear his name.

The imam said interference in the Middle East has "exacerbated confessional, religious, nationalist and ethnic conflicts", and called on summit participants to act to "stem armed chaos provoked by terrorists and their sponsors".

So all eyes will be on a speech on Islam that the president is scheduled to deliver to dozens of Muslim leaders at a summit in Riyadh on Sunday.

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The new President's agenda includes a series of diplomatic scales including Saudi Arabia and Israel to visit the origins and "holy sites" of the three major faiths in the world: Jewish, Christian and Muslim, said National Security Advisor, HR McMaster. Ivanka Trump wants to hear about the challenges women in the country face and the progress they have made, the official said.

The summit, observers added, was also part of preparations for a new U.S. strategy mobilising the Muslim world against the Islamic State, as well as against groups such as Lebanon-based Hizbollah.

Leaders and representatives from of 54 other countries, from the Southeast Asian Sultanate of Brunei to Africa's Niger and heavyweights like including Turkey, had also been invited to for tomorrow's summit with Trump.

But the campaign behind Trump's trip continues to rely on the classic "enemy" speech and "return to security".

The White House was rocked by another bombshell when reports emerged that Trump said his firing of "nut job" Comey had relieved "great pressure" on him due to the investigation. He's going to Saudi Arabia.

According to CNN, in Europe they are especially anxious about whether "Trump will get out of the Paris climate agreement and want to prove his true feelings towards Russian Federation, something that is seen as a threat in much of the continent". With Israeli and Palestinian leaders trump is going to discuss the prospects for a "just and lasting peace".

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