Possibly fake Russian document affected FBI's investigation into Clinton

The FBI received a purported Russian intelligence report that may have convinced former FBI Director James Comey to prematurely shut down an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton intentionally revealed classified information through her use of a private email server. Wasserman Schulz and Leonard Bernardo, the Soros organization figure in the intelligence, don't know each other and have never communicated with each other.

The FBI, though, later found the document to be bad intelligence and some sources believed it to be a fake planted to confuse the agency.

A troubling new report says that James Comey may have intervened in the 2016 presidential election because he was misled by fake Russian document about an agreement between the Clinton campaign and the Department of Justice on whether or not Hillary Clinton revealed classified information with her use of email. The Americans mentioned in the Russian document insist they do not know each other, do not speak to each other and never had any conversations remotely like the ones described in the document. Another told the Post that the letter "didn't mean anything to the investigation until after [senior FBI officials] had to defend themselves".

The document described an email allegedly written by then Democratic National Committee Chair Rep.

The FBI never obtained the email in question, was unsure that it ever existed, and never interviewed anyone mentioned in the document.

The Times reported, as did the Washington Post, that Comey feared the document could be leaked by Wikileaks, undermining the public's view of the Justice Department's integrity.

"It was a very powerful factor in the decision to go forward in July with the statement that there shouldn't be a prosecution", a person familiar with the matter told the Post. "And that would have pulled the rug out of any authoritative announcement".

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Another major factor in Comey's decision was Lynch's meeting on a Phoenix tarmac with former President Bill Clinton the week before Comey publicly cleared Clinton.

By August, the Federal Bureau of Investigation determined that this Russian intel document was "unreliable", but Comey had already shut down the first leg of the Clinton email probe over fears that Lynch would do so.

Comey himself publicly testified that, if the announcement had come from Lynch, it would not have been considered credible after she met with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac a year ago.

Matt Rojansky, a Russia expert and director of the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center, told the Post that the fact that the Russians would cook up a story linking the Clinton campaign to a conspiracy involving her email server, an Obama administration appointee, and George Soros - frequently villainized by the right as a meddlesome "globalist" - is "not surprising". She said that she had "never communicated" with the Clinton campaign staffer in question, and offered to be formally interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the matter, according to the Post.

Sen. Chuck Grassley asked Comey, whom President Donald Trump fired earlier this month, about the document during a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Comey declined to discuss the matter in public. "But I can't do it in an open hearing".

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