China says no one should bring chaos to Korean peninsula

South Korea fired warning shots Tuesday at a flying object that entered the country's airspace from North Korea across the Demilitarized Zone, Seoul's military said.

As recently as January past year, South Korean soldiers fired warning shots at a suspected North Korean drone that crossed the western part of the border, the most sensitive part of the demilitarized zone. According to Yonhap News, South Korea's military also said that the missile would not be able to reach Guam, which serves as a refueling hub for USA military operations located in East Asia.

The North's General Staff on Thursday accused Seoul of fabricating the incident, saying South Korean soldiers fired 450 rounds of shots at a flock of birds.

China is within striking distance of North Korea's nuclear-tipped missiles, a North Korean lecturer told a group of state officials about a week after the test of the midrange missile Hwasong-12.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un reportedly shown that in the events of World War 3 or the first nuclear missile attack since World War 2, his country is ready to strike any country within few minutes.

The newly-elected South Korean President Moon Jae-in has been forced to maintain the vigilance of his predecessors after two North Korean ballistic missile tests in the two weeks since he took office.

North Korea's media said more missiles will be launched in the future.

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Tensions have been running high in the region over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, which Pyongyang sees as a deterrent against a potential invasion by its adversaries. That test came a week after North Korea tested what it said was a new type of rocket capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead.

According to Sun, it isn't just a legal matter keeping the USA from folding to North Korea.

Asked if China is discussing with the United States the proposed new sanctions against Pyongyang, Liu said it is up to the Security Council to decide on its responses.

In 2014, South Korean officials discovered what they described as several North Korean drones that had flown across the border.

North Korea's often-stated goal is to ideal a nuclear warhead that it can put on a missile capable of hitting Washington or other USA cities. It was Pyongyang's second missile test in a week.

The North has conducted more than 60 missile tests since its young, dynastic ruler, Kim Jong Un, took power in late 2011.

China's United Nations ambassador said Tuesday that multiple North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile tests, with no end in sight, show the "very strong" need for new talks with Pyongyang to reduce tensions and try to achieve denuclearization.

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