Jimmy Kimmel compares Trump's speeches to 4th grade book report

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Donald Trump on Thursday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live", by doing his best to prove that the president is no more eloquent than a fourth grader. He talks very slowly and simply, not too bigly.

Kimmel lampooned Trump's speeches during his first foreign tour as president by having fourth-graders read out excerpts of his speeches. "He just stays in the middle and uses vocabulary even a child could understand", Kimmel said.

The hilarious clip flips between kids and "the big kid in the Oval Office" reciting the same parts from speeches Trump made during his recent trip to the Middle East, visiting countries including Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Jimmy Kimmel isn't giving President Trump's speeches an A-plus.

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Kids took turns reading pieces that were then compared to footage of Trump delivering the remarks IRL.

"Saudi Arabia is home to the holiest sites and one of the world's greatest faiths", read one.

The segment ended with Kimmel giving the speeches - which were presented as a book report called "My Big Trip" - a B-minus.

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