Mark Zuckerberg finally gets his Harvard degree - 12 years after dropping out

Mark Zuckerberg finally gets his Harvard degree - 12 years after dropping out

Mark Zuckerberg finally gets his Harvard degree - 12 years after dropping out

"But I'm not here to give you the standard commencement about finding your objective". "Mom, I always told you I'd come back and get my degree", said a post from Zuckerberg on his personal Facebook page. "If I had to know everything about connecting people before I got started, I never would have built Facebook".

Some of his suggestions were the work of photovoltaics to fight climate disaster, the modernization of democracy, with the ability of people to vote online and jumps to health by using human genetic information.

The front-page hack was first noticed this afternoon, and the stories were taken down soon after.

Zuckerberg also joked about his nebbishy beginnings (ignored because he turned up to his first Harvard class with a T-shirt inside out and backwards) and his meet-cute first encounter with his wife, Priscilla Chen (whom he described as "the most important person in my life").

Talking to the class of 2017, Zuckerberg not only shared his "best memory" from Harvard but also talked about the sense of objective that the millennials should have in order to create a better world.

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"I wondered if I was just wrong, an impostor, a 22 year-old kid who had no idea how the world worked", Zuckerberg said. "We're all going to change jobs and roles so we all need affordable childcare and healthcare that's not tied to one employer".

"And yes, giving everyone the freedom to pursue objective isn't free", Zuckerberg said.

He also suggested volunteering and talked about his own time teaching kids at a local Boys and Girls Club about entrepreneurship. "I just assumed one of them would do it", he said.

Without naming President Trump, Zuckerberg decried some of the forces that helped fuel Trump's election. "It says something about our current situation that I can't even say his name because I don't want to put him at risk", said Zuckerberg. "We succeed by being lucky too". "People like me should pay for it". And it has allowed people to communicate in developing countries even if they don't have a phone number or a smartphone. "These are not battles between nations, it's a battle of ideas". Without a sense of objective, people will turn towards isolationism, nationalism and authoritarianism, instead of openness and global community, he said. "Forces for the flow of knowledge, trade and immigration, against those who would slow them down", said Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, who like the graduates is a millennial, started Facebook in his dorm room in 2004. Meanwhile, the website has been restored again and is functioning normally right now.

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