Planned Parenthood medical director describes abortion: 'There's violence in here,' 'it's killing'

Planned Parenthood Clinics Closing Why $500M in funding

Planned Parenthood medical director describes abortion: 'There's violence in here,' 'it's killing'

"Whether it is a minor condition or a life-threatening abortion complication, the public need to be aware that ambulances are being summoned to Planned Parenthood abortion facilities at an alarming rate", said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. Ferreira noted that "every video recording for which the Attorney General is charging David was obviously and unquestionably made in a public place where it could not possibly be considered 'confidential.' The only difference between David's conduct and that of undercover video journalists every day in the state of California is the fact that he recorded the political backers of the state's top prosecutor".

Daleiden is a leader of the Center for Medical Progress, which has released several secretly recorded videos that it says show Planned Parenthood employees selling fetal tissue for profit, which is illegal.

The Center for Medical Progress - an investigative journalism group - released the undercover footage, which it says was collected at the 2014 and 2015 National Abortion Federation conventions.

Numerous investigations on the state and federal level have yet to find any wrongdoing on the part of Planned Parenthood.

Judges have broad powers to impose gag rules and temporary injunctions, so it's not at all unlikely that a contempt charge will be sustained. "Let's just give them all the violence. However, as a member of the King family legacy, the family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I can only encourage us to continue to pray, and ask God to help us".

Leading up to the budget proposal, more than 60 human rights and women's rights groups signed an open letter expressing concern that it would "strip away basic support for struggling families, reduce access to vital care and services, and disproportionately harm the health and well-being of people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, religious minorities, and low-income women and families".

The new video also was condemned by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List.

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"Their abortion-centered business model isn't just morally wrong, it's a failure", Ms. Dannenfelser said in a statement. Dr. Uta Landy, a recipient of Planned Parenthood's highest award, is heard clearly saying, "An eyeball just fell down into my lap".

A Texas Planned Parenthood abortionist describing a partial-birth abortion to kill late-term unborn babies for the harvesting of brain material. He's been ordered to appear at a hearing on June 14. Not only did the networks twist the story, but also they hid Becerra's past financial connections with Planned Parenthood.

Another has Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood commented on crushing babies.

In another clip, Dr. Paul Blumenthal, the former medical director for Planned Parenthood of Maryland, said, "I know Planned Parenthood sells a lot of stuff to people".

In the second video, Planned Parenthood's Mary Gatter discussed how her compensation for organs could rise when she said, "I want a Lamborghini".

The teens explained to BuzzFeed that they wanted their dresses to have meaning, and both "strongly believe" in the cause of saving Planned Parenthood.

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