Trump urges Israelis and Palestinians: Make peace

Incoming French president Emmanuel Macron speaks after his victory in presidential runoff at his campaign headquarters in Paris Sunday

Trump urges Israelis and Palestinians: Make peace

We protect the Christian sites as no one else does anywhere in this region.

The site has been the scene of frequent incidents when Jews try to break the rule and police or Muslim guards intervene to stop them.

Greenberg and Hoenlein concluded: "This incident underscores the awful damage caused by serial UN resolutions, including UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (of December 2016), denying the more than three thousand years of the Jewish connection to Israel and the holiest sites in the Jewish religion, which the Trump Administration has said it will work to reverse". We could talk about economics. He highlighted the ties of the Jewish people to the Holy Land as ancient and eternal, dating back thousands of years, including the reign of King David. "Thank you", he said, "normally I've to go overseas for this kind of reception". We all know that. The visit seemed more like a feel-good performance that may have brought some relief to the pressures that the president is said to be subjected to in Washington.

"The United States is firmly committed to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and halting their support of terrorists and militias", Trump added. But if he wants to go down in history as a peace maker, he'd have to make sure that his announced intentions will, indeed, lead to a lasting peace.

I see a direction here as to where this is going. They are ready to reach for peace. These are all great signs on your historic visit.

President Trump was the first US president to visit the Western Wall. It will leave an impression on me forever. It states the unbreakable connection between the Jewish people and the city.

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But we are more than friends.

The Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah said here today that the recent Saudi-American summit in Riyadh was only aimed at "stealing more money from the pockets of the Arab countries". That includes advancing prosperity, defeating the evils of terrorism, and facing the threat of an Iranian regime that is threatening the region and causing so much violence and suffering.

Abbas stressed that "the problem is not between us and Judaism". In my visit to Saudi Arabia, I met with many leaders of the Arab and Muslim world. "Who can say regional stability can be restored without Iran?" the moderate leader said. "So he was putting a lot of pressure on them that it was time to get to the table", noting Trump has "made the point several times". We are willing to work together. "I can live with either one".

For some time now, every time a new U.S. administration is elected, it pledges to "work with the parties concerned" to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He's working very hard at it.

So far, we heard nothing about those ideas and plans.

Prior to the Manchester terror attack, Trump explained in his speech in Saudi Arabia that America alone "cannot crush this enemy".

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