With Senate done, House ready to debate budget ideas

HB 21 was originally meant to inject $1.5 billion into the state's funding for the majority of public schools and to simplify some of the complex, outdated formulas for allocating money to school districts across the state.

The Senate passed a bill Friday that would impose a new 1.25 percent sales tax charge on the purchase of both new and used motor vehicles. McSpadden said he's optimistic the bill works and all teachers stick to their jobs when it comes to students.

All six bills, however, were being postponed, caught in the crossfire of a partisan budget dispute that has set the House chamber on edge.

That was a knock on 11th-hour changes Republicans made in the bill to gain conservatives' votes by letting states get waivers to boost premiums on the ill and reduce coverage requirements.

HB 21 may not have been ideal, but it did provide significant additional funding to help schools through the next two years - until the system could, hopefully, be "upended" by the Legislature as suggested by the court.

The House nonetheless passed a school finance package in April that would increase annual, per-student funding about $210 to $5,350, while raising state spending for school district transportation and educating dyslexic students. The agency estimated that about one-sixth of the USA population - more than 50 million people - live in states that would make substantial changes under the waivers.

The Senate cuts hit education programs in Democratic Sen.

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Senate changes in the measure would increase the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7.25 percent, and phase in tax exemptions for Social Security recipients who earn less than $75,000 over the next two years.

At the gun range, Abbott signed into law a bill decreasing the cost of state handgun licenses. That motion passed 101-45. It's a bill that will crack down on educators who have improper relationships with students. "You're saying you don't want the conference body to even consider having any kind of special-needs school choice? No, but I think we're better off with the small groups and the give and take than we are when we started this process". The motion failed 47-89.

"One thing that I'm looking for are real constraints on the rise in property taxes on our fellow Texans", said Abbott. "And exactly what the composition of that [bill] is I'm not going to speculate about because it serves no objective", the Kentucky Republican told Reuters, adding that President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence could help whip votes again as they did for the House. Now, a school finance bill Huberty worked just as hard on is just as dead. The full Legislature has adjourned from special session until June 5 to allow the smaller teams to talk.

"It's a net tax decrease after it's fully implemented", said Sen.

The fact is, a voucher will likely provide a child with a disability an education in a segregated, disability-only school since the majority of regular private schools will not accept them.

The Texas House and Senate are still feverishly attempting to agree on exactly how far this bill will extend - only in public schools or within every public restroom - and no matter what they come up with, the Texas GOP is determined to drive off the cliff.

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