Making A Murderer Bombshell! Lawyer Says THIS PERSON Is The Real Killer!

Making A Murderer Bombshell! Lawyer Says THIS PERSON Is The Real Killer!

Making A Murderer Bombshell! Lawyer Says THIS PERSON Is The Real Killer!

The attorney for Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery filed a motion for a new trial in a Wisconsin court, arguing his 2007 murder conviction was based on planted evidence and false testimony.

One of the claims made in the court documents was that a new brain wave test conducted on Avery suggests he does not know certain, specific details of Halbach's death.

The attorney for Steven Avery has filed a post-conviction motion in the case, as she works to set Avery free. Monday a federal judge ordered Dassey... WBAY in Manitowoc says it has reached out to both Strang and Buting, who have declined to comment until they can read the motion in full.

Avery's attorney claims the man dumped Halbach's vehicle on Avery's property, making him the prime suspect, and that, "He had no alibi for October 31, 2005, the date Ms. Halbach was murdered, or subsequent days when her body was burned and bones planted". Filmmakers presented the possibility that Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey were wrongly convicted. "@ZellnerLaw files a bombshell post-conviction petition in the #stevenavery case".

In her 1,272-page filing, Zellner claims it was Ryan Hillegas (above, right), the ex-boyfriend of the murder victim, who actually committed the deadly crime, and contends Avery deserves a new trial because "the real controversy was never tried".

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Now Dassey is waiting for a decision from the US court of appeals. Defense attorneys also said a piece of evidence found in Dassey's bedroom, a key, was planted by sheriffs.

Earlier on Wednesday, a former client of Zellner tweeted that about the petition.

The Manitowoc County clerk received the document from Avery's legal team Wednesday morning.

Zellner also sought independent testing of the bottom of the hood latch of Halbach's Toyota RAV4 and tests on several blood stains that turned up inside Halbach's RAV4 - blood evidence that supposedly proved to belong to Avery.

In 2005, Dassey, then 16, confessed to authorities that he assisted his uncle in raping and killing Halbach, whose charred remains were found on Avery family property in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

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