Cop at frat brothers' hearing: Pledge 'looked like a corpse'

Hearing in Penn State Hazing Death Case

Hearing in Penn State Hazing Death Case

Prosecutors say the hearing at a courthouse near campus - set to start at 8:30 a.m. - could take much or all of the day. The Beta Theta Pi fraternity - which has since been barred from Penn State - is facing charges including involuntary manslaughter and hazing.

Security camera footage of the night a Penn State pledge was fatally injured at a fraternity event is expected to be at the center of a Monday morning court hearing.

Prosecutors at a preliminary hearing rolled surveillance tape of sophomore Tim Piazza after he attempted a binge-drinking challenge on February 2 and suffered a traumatic brain injury after several falls - while his would-be fraternity brothers failed to seek medical help for nearly 12 hours. Meanwhile, Piazza was dying, suffering from head injuries and internal bleeding.

Prosecutors have filed a variety of charges, including involuntary manslaughter, hazing, and tampering with evidence. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

Prosecutors in the case against the now-shuttered Beta Theta Pi fraternity are hoping that surveillance video will help to build their case.

The young men charged in the case ignored the serious injuries Piazza suffered in a fall down a 15-foot staircase, State College Police Detective David Scicchitano testified.

A grand jury report described how members of the fraternity carried Piazza's limp body upstairs, poured liquid on him and even slapped him on the face.

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Piazza's father, Jim, rocked back and forth quietly in the courtroom according to the AP. The surveillance videos, which allegedly show Piazza's agonizing final hours at the frat house, are a key part of the prosecution's case.

By that time, he had "lost all color", and some of the fraternity members thought he may have died, Scicchitano said. When the video was played, he and his wife Evelyn left the room.

He can be seen hitting his head and stomach, rolling around on the floor and then staggering severely to the lobby area and toward the basement stairs, Scicchitano said.

The Piazza family is also reportedly planning on filing a lawsuit against fraternity members and the university.

Penn State President Eric Barron said, "There are other measures being discussed and will be instituted over time - all with a focus on prevention, monitoring and enforcement".

Earlier this month, Penn State announced proposals for new safety reforms, including: University staff members monitoring social events; the university taking control of the fraternity and sorority misconduct and adjudication process; and permanent revocation of university recognition for any chapter involved in "hazing that involves alcohol, physical abuse, or any behavior that puts a student's mental or physical health at risk", according to ABC News.

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