Sharif to hold talks with Saudi leadership on Qatar fallout

Qatar is home to the largest United States airbase in the Middle East, Al-Udeid, making it a key ally in the US-led coalition against IS in Iraq and Syria.

Trump last week waded into the worst Gulf Arab rift in years and praised the pressure on Qatar, which Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain accuse of supporting Iran and funding Islamist groups, charges Doha denies.

TRT World's Nicole Johnston has more from Doha.

The world's largest container shipping line, Maersk Line, subsequently said it could not supply Qatar because the so-called "feeder" vessels it uses would no longer be able to transport cargo between the UAE and Doha.

But the airline's ambitious growth plan could be stunted amid then unfolding diplomatic crisis over Qatar's alleged support of extremism.

"Our foreign policy is subject to the sovereignty of our country and is based on our own assessment and our own principles", said Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani. "I think it is about an orchestrated campaign against my country to pressure my country to change its active, independent foreign policy".

Qatar hosted the Taliban at the request of the United States government, the Qatari foreign minister's special envoy on counterterrorism told Aljazeera. In that regard I pay tribute to the work of the Emir of Kuwait.

Bill Gates in Atlanta: Foundation, Rotary commit $450 million to end polio
"However, children remain at risk everywhere until polio is completely stopped", a United Nations statement said. Polio had in the last 30 years paralyzed more than 350,000 children in more than 125 countries across the world.

"I won't name other countries, but we are not done solving the problem", he said.

"I personally lived through the first building blocks of this council almost four decades ago, so it is not easy for someone like me as a leader to stand silent without doing everything I can to bring brothers back together".

Qatar's Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, told Al Jazeera earlier on Monday that Qatar and the USA were in touch with Kuwait, the main mediator between the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), "to calm the situation".

The US has a military base in Qatar, which it says is crucial to its operations in the Middle East. "We're not going to specify the nature of those conversations".

On June 5, the countries cut diplomatic ties to Qatar and ordered all Qataris out within 14 days.

Qatar's port authority published video Monday showing a ship arriving at Doha's Hamad Port from Oman's port of Sohar. Saudi Arabia also closed its land borders with Qatar, geographically isolating the tiny Gulf state.

Three boats, carrying around 350 tonnes of food, will also be leaving an Iranian port for Qatar, according to Tasnim news agency, quoting local officials.

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