Warriors' Green: Officials 'messed up pretty bad' on technical reversal

Warriors' Green: Officials 'messed up pretty bad' on technical reversal

Warriors' Green: Officials 'messed up pretty bad' on technical reversal

REFEREES Mike Callahan and John Goble took responsibility to the confusion related to Draymond Green's supposed ejection after it was thought that he have incurred his second technical foul during Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. We later learned that the first half technical was called on Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr.

Green finished with 16 points and 14 rebounds but the Warriors still lost 137-116 to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Would you put Green No. 1 among this bunch?

"The procedure is to advise the table who the technical foul is on and with the player we give a number".

For several minutes, however, the only people who seemed to know that in the entire arena were the three officials.

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As last night's contest got increasingly chippy, the referees called more and more fouls, and even doled out seven technical fouls, as well as one flagrant foul on Kevin Love. Goble indicated that he "failed to properly communicate" that Kerr was the recipient of the technical and not Green.

Goble said he thought he had verbalized to the table that the initial technical was on Kerr, but said after watching the video that he should have done a better job with that. "The table informed us that it was his second technical foul and ejected".

"Yeah, they messed that one up bad", Green said with a smirk. The problem then worsened when the officials didn't catch the public address announcer saying it was called on Green.

"They told me to keep playing", Green said. Take a look at the full transcript of the interview with the officials below. But I thought I heard the announcer say, the PA announcer say that it was on Draymond.

Late in Game 4 a year ago, Green swiped at LeBron James' groin and was subsequently given a flagrant foul. Green isn't the only National Basketball Association player that Cleveland has loved to loathe.

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