Wounded May soldiers on as election shock complicates Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn outside his home in London this morning

Jeremy Corbyn outside his home in London this morning

The critical damage Theresa May wreaked on her chances of winning the election during a disastrous campaign has been laid bare in a poll published by a senior Conservative donor.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Corbyn said: "I can still be Prime Minister".

Having called an early election in hopes of getting an increased majority that could have strengthened her hand in Britain's exit talks with the EU, May instead saw her majority evaporate completely - leaving her fortunes hanging by a thread.

According to the projections, the Conservative Party is in line to win 314 seats. This means that not only does her party have less seats in government than when she went into the election but Conservatives do not have enough seats to vote through new laws without being defeated by their opponents.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn went on the offensive in an interview with the Daily Mirror on Saturday, vowing to oust Prime Minister Theresa May of the Conservatives "within a matter of days".

The latter result - the Lib Dems nearly doubling its representation - could prove pivotal in a "hung parliament" situation.

She told BBC Radio Wales: "We're still saying quite clearly that we would be ready to take over if Theresa May cannot cobble something together, and we're very doubtful that she can".

Labour won 262 seats in the General Election, up from the 232 secured by Ed Miliband in 2015, but the Conservatives remain the largest party in Parliament.

UK Labour party voters
Corbyn's Labour is believed to have strongly connected with young voters

“I would like to congratulate you on your reappointment as Prime Minister, ” Tusk wrote, but added immediately that there was much urgency to start the Brexit negotiations.

Corbyn's Labour Party officially backs Brexit.

Earlier in the day, she said the minority government would be supported by the DUP to bring stability to the future of Britain in the future of Brexit.

If Labour does take power with the backing of the Scottish nationalists and the Liberal Democrats, the prospect of a second referendum is possible. "Obviously at my end of the (age) spectrum I'm more interested in things like pensions and so forth, NHS health care - plus schooling, those are really my main concerns".

But that gamble did not pay off, as concerns about social programs and security issues replaced Brexit as the main talking points in the United Kingdom.

The value of the British pound tumbled 1.6%, to $1.27, immediately after the exit poll results came out. "If neither of the parties receives the necessary 326 seats, then the need to form a coalition cabinet will arise", Slutsky concluded.

But that is far from the victory sought - and there are already questions about whether the British electorate were rejecting May's "hard Brexit" approach to leave the European Union whatever deals were made over the divorce.

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