Rocket League Devs Say PS4 Cross-play Is A "Checkbox" Away

This E3 has been a good one for many who are fans of playing online games with friends and strangers across different console and PC platforms.

Later this year, Rocket League will allow for cross-platform play between the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam versions of the game. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, PlayStation Marketing Boss Jim Ryan revealed the reason behind not going for the cross-platform play feature, and to tell you the truth the reason was baffling, hard to digest. However, it wasn't long before it was confirmed that Rocket League cross play would not include PS4.

"The original Java PC version and all other isolated versions will have "Edition" names, like Minecraft: Wii U Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition", a Microsoft spokesperson told Polygon.

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Dunham said that, "The honest answer is PlayStation has not yet granted us permission". "In reality, it's a web page with a checkbox on it".

Minecraft Communication Manager Aubrey Norris piped in with a similar sentiment on Twitter, saying, "we would love to have PlayStation players along with the unified Minecraft, hope that we can". We have a contract with the people who go online with us, that we look after them and they are within the PlayStation-curated universe.

That excuse seems a little weak to us considering that even the usually overprotective Nintendo is comfortable connecting Switch Minecraft with other platforms. With games like this, the Nintendo Switch should continue to pick up speed. "That's all we need to do".

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