Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch

We'll have plenty of Pokemon or Nintendo Switch goodness to tide us over until then, but I know the rumor mill will only grow as we linger on this incredible news that Pokemon will come to consoles.

The most recent footage of Super Mario Odyssey comes in by Nintendo.

Nintendo's conference wasn't long, but it was packed full of exciting games. This year's, for E3 2017, was particularly special as several much-anticipated Nintendo Switch games were shown in more depth, and several new games were announced - including new Metroid Prime and Pokemon RPG titles. Though Game Freak has largely abstained from producing console Pokemon games, it seems that the Switch has won them over, with The Pokemon Company's Tsunekazu Ishihara revealing that the game is now in development.

Metroid: Samus Returns (2017) brings classic side-scrolling, alien blasting action back to handheld, with the game landing on Nintendo 3DS in September.

Two more arrested for violence at Turkish ambassador's DC residence
The charges stem from an unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters by members of Erdogan's security detail in Washington on May 16. The entire security detail for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey left the country with him just hours after the incident.

Third-party Nintendo Switch games like Skyrim, FIFA 18and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be shown off. Fans should expect some more third-party announcements as well. A brand new Kirby game was just revealed during the Nintendo E3 Showcase, and it looks to have a focus on multiplayer.

Featuring the same aesthetic gaming design of the WiiU videogame Yoshi's Wooly World and the Wii's Super Papere Mario, the new title centered on Mario's sidekick plays around with the same bright colors and puzzle solving quirks of the Super Mario series. You can see the Super Mario Odyssey Developer Diary below. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is also something that will likely get a spotlight for the holiday season. This pack will be released June 30 this year.

Super Mario Odyssey is set to be released on October 27th, and the game can be pre-ordered now over at Amazon. In the trailer, it seems that this story will take place prior to the events of Breath Of The Wild, with the four champions in Daruk the Goron, Mipha the Zora, Revali the Rito and Urbosa the Gerudo featuring alongside Zelda.

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