Sessions tells Kamala Harris that her questions make him 'nervous'

"Yet Kamala Harris is called hysterical for the second week in a row". Harris has been interrupted not once, but twice. Harris' turns at the mic during two recent hearings of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Last week, it was her head-butting with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein that catapulted former prosecutor and now California junior senator Kamala Harris onto the center stage of American politics.

Sessions was the latest administration official to refuse to answer questions from senators about their interactions with the president on topics related to any relationship Trump campaign and transition-team members had with Russian officials or businessmen. 'It makes me nervous'. He played the clip of McCain interrupting Harris and commented that Harris had a lot of questions.

McCain stepped in to tell Burr, who is the chairman of the committee, that Sessions "should be allowed to answer the question". Harris: "Senators will allow the Chair to control the hearing".

Clearly, Harris has not let the rude admonishments from her male colleagues dampen her enthusiasm or sap her energy in the fight against those who seek to halt, or even reverse, the vital progress the nation has made on so many fronts.

Several observers saw a case of sexism, and some suggested possible racial undertones. He did a Sessions impersonation yelling about her aggressive line of questions and being scared of how many verbs she was using. Richard Burr and John McCain essentially shushed her. By sort of not quite invoking it, I think the attorney general is creating an additional step where first the Senate intelligence committee would have to decide that they wanted to push back and try to compel him to answer.

In this hearing, she asked Sessions what was his legal basis for refusing to answer questions about his communications with President Trump.

Democratic senators and left-leaning supporters have pounced on the opportunity to argue against these high-drama exchanges, often turning them into Twitter gold.

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Sessions was also central to the Senate's attempted silencing of Warren (D-Mass.) in February.

This time, a male colleague, Sen. Ron Wyden later in the hearing, Sessions said that there were no classified reasons for his recusal, as former FBI Director James Comey suggested in his Senate testimony last week. But then his Republican buddies jumped in and tried to shut her up. "I was not interrupted". She is also a woman.

At some point, Harris was on the attack, Sessions was floundering, and the white men decided they had enough.

"You knew that you would be asked these questions when you relied on that policy", Harris interjected.

"Well, we talked about it". The policy is based ...

"Did you ask that it would be shown to you?"

"The policy is based-" Sessions began. He said that when, during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Al Franken asked him what he would do if he saw evidence corroborating news reports of Trump campaign officials' contacts with Russian officials, he hadn't understood the question.

Harris: majority of questions that have been asked of you.

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