Steve Harvey Under Fire For Flint Water Joke

Steve Harvey

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Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey stirred controversy by using the Flint water crisis to mock a Flint, Mich. resident who called into his radio program.

Writers for Uproxx note that the interaction took place early Wednesday during the actor's daily Steve Harvey Morning Show, after the male listener first called in to lightly chide the 60-year-old Family Feud and Miss America presenter over the Cavaliers' loss to the Golden State Warriors at this year's NBA Championship Game.

Steve Harvey once lived in OH and is a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan. He says they were in jest, however, a lot of feathers were ruffled. "That's why y'all ain't even got clean water", The Free Press quoted what Harvey purportedly says. "When the last time you touched water and it didn't have lead in it?"

The "Family Feud" host is now one of the top trending topics on Twitter, with thousands of users calling him out to apologize for his "rude" comments. He said that he wasn't dissing the entire city of Flint, but only talking to that one man.

I also pressed then candidate, Hilary Clinton, to offer solutions to what I called one of the great catastrophes of modern times.

"You from Flint?" Harvey asked. To make a joke out of a tragedy such as this was in very poor taste, especially coming from someone of your stature.

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I made a joke directed at him, as he is from Flint, a city for which I have great affection and respect.

And this is why many people have found Harvey's comments completely distasteful and are now dragging him on social media over it.

"Go have yourself a nice glass of brown water!"

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for an apology from Harvey, don't hold your breath. So far, 15 people have been charged for their roles in the crisis.

After Harvey's co-hosts told him to "reel it in", he said: "I wasn't talking about the city of Flint, I was talking about him".

The comedian went on to say, "Any attempts to craft this into anything more serves no one".

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