Afghan officers killed as Taliban storm police headquarters

Doctors at the city hospital said they had received the bodies of at least five police, as well as at least 30 wounded people, including 21 civilians.

"One of the attackers detonated his explosives close to the parking area so as to open the way for the others". The insurgents also target the worldwide coalition forces deployed in support of Afghan forces: seven United States soldiers were injured on Saturday by an Afghan soldier who returned his weapon against his instructors and advisers. About sixty soldiers were killed on their bases, mostly at night, in the southern province of Kandahar alone during the same week at the end of May. The Taliban stormed a police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday after striking it with two suicide vehicle bombs, killing several police officers, officials said.

The Taliban have said the shooting was carried out by a man loyal to them, according to Reuters. Without calling for the operation, the Taliban fighting against the Kabul regime and the forces behind it have reported it and described the soldier as a "patriot". One other Afghan soldier was wounded.

Coalition countries, led by the United States, are considering sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan to help advise and assist Afghan forces struggling against Taliban and Islamic State militants.

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One of the explosions was so strong it shattered windows up to 2 kilometers from the attack site, said Abdullah Hsrat, spokesman for the provincial governor.

An Afghanistan soldier has attacked the US troops at a military base, in the northern Balkh province on Saturday, wounding seven.

The Taliban in Afghanistan stormed a regional police headquarters following a suicide auto bombing on Sunday killing at least five officers, officials have confirmed. The ISIS took responsibility for an attack on a mosque in Kabul on Thursday.

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