GOP shooting: Scalise improving from brink of death

GOP shooting: Scalise improving from brink of death

GOP shooting: Scalise improving from brink of death

The annual GOP-Democrats baseball game raises money for charity. After accepting it gracefully, Barton cracked, "Next year we won't be so nice". Steve Scalise, the majority whip of the House of Representatives, was among them.

He was airlifted to MedStar Washington Hospital Center Wednesday and is in critical condition recovering from surgery.

"We are strongest when we are unified, and when we work together for the common good", Mr. Trump said in a measured response. "The game will go on". He said the officers "might have put the guy down quicker if they had been able to use a long gun instead of just pistols".

Scalise was awake at the scene of the shooting - a baseball field in Virginia where congressmen were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game - but by the time he arrived at the hospital he was in shock.

Republican Rep. Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee scored in the first inning, enjoying a different sort of adrenaline than the one he experienced Wednesday when he passed by the shooter over bloodied ground to take shelter in a dugout - confessing later that "the fear factor was horrific". Two lawmakers who were leaving practice when they encountered Hodgkinson before the shooting believe he was targeting Republicans.

"Right now they have a perimeter that they cover, and these parks were outside the perimeter", she said.

As Scalise underwent a third surgery for his injuries Thursday, his GOP and Democratic colleagues respectfully discussed and debated what measures could be taken without busting the budget.

"I do believe that end is in the very near future", he said. "That was humbling in a way. And throughout the whole game, we will all be Team Scalise", Pelosi said.

Leading Breitbart News Thursday: articles headlined "Left wing extremist offenses up 112 percent in Austria" and one chronicling "Worldwide Hate" of right-wing politicians. He wore a purple boot. Two Capitol Police officers sustained relatively minor injuries, as did a congressional aide, and they have been released from hospitals.

GOP, Dem governors agree with Trump, call health bill 'mean'
However, after subsidies are accounted for, net premiums would be about 5 percent higher, or $19 more per month, it said. Republican leadership have said they will vote on the bill once they are sure they have the 50 votes they need.

Cramer's comments echoed others by House members of both parties Thursday.

"I would quote the late, great Michael Jackson", said Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., a close friend of Scalise's and the pitcher on the Democrats' team. Richmond, who plays for the Democratic team, said he had visited the hospital multiple times.

"I would encourage you to talk to military medical colleagues about what it's like to be shot with a high-velocity rifle in the hip region", Sava said. The doctor described how a bullet from an assault rifle entered Scalise's hip and traversed his pelvis, shattering blood vessels, bones and internal organs along the way.

Mika worked for Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg and in several other offices on Capitol Hill.

"Basically we're playing the game tomorrow".

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred offered his thoughts and prayers after the shooting and endorsed the decision to play ball.

MacArthur said local law enforcement has helped with protection at public events in his district.

On the other side, many Republicans are blaming anti-Trump protesters, who they said are yet to accept the election results and are undermining Trump's legitimacy.

Democrats bounced back from a loss previous year, when the game was played the night after they held an all-night session on the House floor to protest Republican inaction on gun legislation.

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