Judge declares mistrial in comedian Bill Cosby's sexual-assault case

A retrial of Bill Cosby on sexual assault charges will likely offer major advantages to the defense, former prosecutors and defense lawyers say, but the enormous publicity surrounding the case may also produce a second jury that is more eager to convict.

District Attorney Kevin Steele told reporters his office plans to retry the case.

When the trial started June 5, the jury of seven men and five women were bussed in from Allegheny County near Pittsburgh and have since been sequestered in a hotel.

Later, after the jury was out of the room, O'Neill said the trial was the "largest undertaking in probably the history of this county" and thanked public and the news media for their good behavior in the courtroom.

A lawyer representing many of Mr Cosby's accusers, Gloria Allred, said she was hoping the prosecution would try the case again. He added that the sexual contact was consensual.

Dozens of women have come forward to say he drugged and assaulted them, though Costand's encounter with Cosby was the only one to result in criminal charges.

"I just want to wish all of the fathers a happy Father's Day", Cosby said.

Had he been found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, which allegedly took place at his Philadelphia home 13 years ago, he could have faced up to a decade in prison.

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She testified that Cosby acted as a mentor before offering her unidentified pills one night that left her unable to stop his advances.

A suburban Philadelphia judge declared a mistrial on Saturday after a jury insisted it was hopelessly deadlocked on charges the 79-year-old TV star drugged and molested Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia-area home in 2004. Prosecutors rejected filing a case against Cosby based on Goins' allegations, which they said investigators could not corroborate. He also confirmed he had slept with Constand.

"Mr. Cosby's power is back".

Cosby himself didn't comment, remaining stoic as the judge declared a mistrial, but Andrew Wyatt, his spokesman, declared the star's "power is back".

Camille's statement after Saturday's news didn't help her brand. The prosecution rested their case last Friday, allowing the defense to make their case on Monday, The defense rested after calling just one witness on Monday.

Moments after the declared mistrial was a text with one simple image - an emoji of two hands pressed together in prayer.

"During some of the most painfully, aggravating parts of our trial, particularly jury deliberations it was he who was keeping us going", he said. "She's entitled to a verdict in this case", said Steele.

McMonagle objected in court to the panel's repeated requests to review testimony, saying it suggested some jurors were trying to coerce other jurors in an attempt to bring an end to the deadlock. They asked a series of questions throughout the day, but on Saturday, shortly after they were to resume deliberations, it became clear that there would be no verdict. They must come to a unanimous decision to convict or acquit. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

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