Kohli turns off social media ahead of Pakistan clash

Kohli announced to the press during the week that he had limited the use of social media within the camp during the competition, yet the internet is set to implode when these two sides collide in a much-anticipated contest set to raise the temperature further on one of the hottest days of the English summer. "Honestly, it sounds amusing, but it's so important to stay away from those things, to connect to things that matter, the things that a sportsman needs to take care of", Kohli said.

Do you ever have any question about anything you wish to ask and get answer? Being the most marketable and possibly the most popular personality in a nation of 1.3bn people brings its own pressures: he simply can not move without being begged for a "selfie" and his every move, word and even gesture is relentlessly reported in print, electronic and social media, " Kohli's Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate wrote. I hate to say this but India-Pakistan games extend beyond cricket ground. It's tough, but you have to make that sort of effort to stay in a good zone and a good mindset. "You have to believe in yourselves", he added. "If you're thinking "we're three down, I'm going to counter-attack and get the team back on track", it ends up happening, because you're convinced about it". It's how you prepare for the big games.

For Kohli, a connect with outside world means that the focus has wavered from the goal due to external factors. Yeah, that's probably been the biggest learning.

"It's important to maintain the balance of being confident in your own skill and what you are doing as a team".

"On their day they can beat any side in the world", the India captain said of Pakistan.

A staggering billion people are expected to tune in on television around the world for a final at The Oval that, unless you are an England fan, represents the dream conclusion to what has been a largely disappointing mini World Cup.

"You have to focus on what you have to do on the field".

Brooks Koepka 'stays patient' to win the US Open!
Yes, he did look slightly more excited when he won his first Tour event, in Phoenix in 2015. "I think that's a pretty good week". Koepka finished with a score of 67 and tied Rory McIllroy's record for the lowest score in relation to par in history.

"This is a part of being an Indian cricketer". You can't ignore it.

"We never spoke about the semi-final in a different way and we are not talking about the final in a different way either".

That game, won by India, was one of the top-six most viewed sporting events, along with the soccer World Cup final and Usain Bolt's 100-metre sprint at the 2012 Olympic Games, the sports broadcasting industry source said. We have practiced the same way as we started the day we came here. Even today's practice was absolutely similar. Billed as the "Mother of all Cricketing rivalries", the India-Pakistan clash is more than just a game of cricket. "The more relaxed you stay in these kind of situations, the better".

All logic points to an Indian victory but nomadic Pakistan are never more risky than when they "cornered" and could provide a final twist to a tournament that has been blighted by bad weather and one-sided games.

"The boys are really looking forward to this match".

"Our strength has been the fact that we've been able to take wickets, and we've been able to take wickets consistently through the middle periods", explained Arthur.

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