May to form govt. despite Tory slide

At the very least, Kearns and other observers said Friday, May will have to thoroughly rethink her plans for Brexit only days before critical talks with the European Union are due to launch.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, riding a wave of acclaim for his party's unexpectedly strong showing, called on May to resign.

May's Conservative Party won 318 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons compared to 330 seats in 2015. Virtually anyone working in British politics thought that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May was certain to win.

Nevertheless, after this poor showing, Conservatives are unlikely to want May to be their figurehead during the next election, so it seems fairly likely she'll be pushed out at some point - whether that means sooner or later is yet to be seen.

The British pound tumbled against the US dollar GBP= and the euro EURGBP= after the election result. With negotiations over leaving the European Union in 10 days' time, the prospect of internal political wrangling is causing concern in Brussels.

British Jewish leaders have repeatedly accused Corbyn, Labour's far-left leader, of doing too little to curb the proliferation of anti-Semitic rhetoric among his followers.

Splash News/NewscomTheresa May's Conservative Party ended up losing 13 seats in Britain's elections yesterday. The opposite has happened, she has been dealt a weak hand, having lost the majority in the parliament. What she didn't bargain for were the Labour voters who were mobilized by their country's terrifying direction.

"Theresa May is certainly the strongest leader that we have at the moment", David Jones, a junior Brexit minister, told the BBC.

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, have said they will not work with either main party.

'Further expenses' will be covered for Grenfell Tower victims, Government vows
And on Twitter people began speculating how May would quit using the hashtag #WriteMaysResignationSpeech. The prime minister instead met firefighters and police , thanking them for their efforts.

"It is not the outcome any of us would have wanted in the Conservative Party".

Newcastle made history by becoming the first constituency to declare its result at 2300 local time in favour of the Labour party. It said Britain was "effectively leaderless" and the "country all but ungovernable".

"But you've also got to convince them of your credibility that you can actually move from protesting about a government into being the government". May's office has said that the most senior Cabinet members - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd - will keep their jobs, but she is expected to shuffle the lower ranks of ministers.

"It's important to have a Government that can take the Brexit negotiations through".

She said Brexit talks would begin on June 19 as scheduled, the same day as the formal reopening of parliament.

Mrs May added the Tories were the only party who could form a Government and take the country through Brexit negotiations.

The rattled PM said she will form a minority with support from Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party despite calls to stand down. "She's attempting to form a government", Corbyn told the Mirror.

It was not immediately clear what the DUP's demands might be and one DUP lawmaker suggested support might come vote by vote.

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