Rare Two-Year UK Parliamentary Session

But Mrs May was forced to postpone the official opening of parliament for two days - until 21 Wednesday - as she hammers out a formal deal with the DUP to prop up her minority government after falling nine seats short of the winning line in the 9 June snap election.

The Queen's Speech traditionally takes place during the ceremonial State Opening Of Parliament, setting out the government's proposed legal programme for the coming year.

It will join a growing list of high-profile Conservative education policies that have become casualties Theresa May's disappointing general election result and loss of majority.

Theresa May still has to get the 2017 Queen's Speech out of the way before she needs to start worrying about the 2018 event.

Ministers at the time argued it was to give Parliament more time to scrutinise the Government's heavy legislative agenda, while Labour said it was an "abuse of power" created to ease the passage of controversial legislation.

Why has the Queen's Speech been delayed?

That is because the Tories took several days to receive assurances from the DUP that they would support them in a "confidence and supply deal" before they could put pen to paper.

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It sees The Queen address the House of Lords before the Commons are invited into the chamber by Black Rod, the Monarch's envoy in Parliament, to hear the speech.

Days after a suggestion from French President Emmanuel Macron that Britain could still choose to remain, Davis said there would be no backtracking from Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to deliver on Brexit, for which Britons voted in a referendum nearly a year ago.

MPs then debate the speech back in the House of Commons.

The British parliament will sit uninterrupted for two years, the United Kingdom government said, giving MPs more time to handle the legislative hardships of Brexit.

The Queen's Speech will be cancelled next year, for only the second time in recent history.

In a rare move, the United Kingdom government Sunday announced the cancellation of the Queen's Speech for 2018 to give Parliament more time to push through controversial Brexit laws after Prime Minister Theresa May's election debacle.

That decision, the first time it had been taken since 1949, was criticised at the time by Labour as an "abuse of power" aimed exclusively at easing the passage of controversial legislation.

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