Freshman series 'Downward Dog' canceled by ABC

Freshman series 'Downward Dog' canceled by ABC

Freshman series 'Downward Dog' canceled by ABC

ABC is not moving ahead with Downward Dog.

ABC has canceled half-hour comedy "Downward Dog".

The last two of the show's eight episodes will air Tuesday, executive producer Jimmy Miller said Friday.

The comedy follows the close relationship of Nan (Fargo's Allison Tolman) and her very talkative dog Martin.

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What exactly went wrong on ABC? With cast options expiring June 30, ABC was forced to make a decision now on the series.

However, while the series had been doing well critically, it hadn't quite managed to break through in the ratings.

But in the end, the show proved too expensive to produce (the single-camera comedy films in Pittsburgh) for a summer run, and scheduling it in-season was virtually impossible because ABC's comedy deck is stacked with seven returning series that have full-season orders. "They loved it creatively and really wanted to make more, but couldn't find a financial path to do so". "That's not a bullsh-t PR statement, that's true, and we are deeply personally thankful to them for putting this first season on the air and allowing us to make something really unique and uncompromising". "Obviously this is a hard moment, but we're not done", he continued. The insane fantastic love you the fans have shown for DD combined with the critical response make us confident that there is a future and we are committed to finding a new home. Were you watching, and would you be willing to be part of a campaign to get the show on another network or a streaming service?

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