Oscar Mayer Wiener Drone Designed To Make It Rain Hot Dogs

The Wiener Cycle and Wiener Drone will join the iconic Wienermobile WienerRover and Wiener Mini to ensure hot dog fans everywhere have a chance to try the new Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs- now with no added nitrates or nitrites (except those naturally occurring

Oscar Mayer Wiener Drone Designed To Make It Rain Hot Dogs

As The Oscar Mayer Co. changes the standards of hot dog quality, it is doing the same for hot dog delivery. Part of the reason for the inclusion of two new mobile hot dogs was to bring attention to the reworking of Oscar Mayer's famous wiener recipe to exclude nitrates and added nitrates, by-products, and artificial preservatives from the product, an industry first. While the WienerDrone can carry one hot dog per delivery, the WienerCycle has a sidecar which serves as a warming compartment for the sausages. It's 24 inches (61 centimeters) long, can ascend at a speed of 13 feet (4 meters) per second, has a 1-mile (1.6 kilometer) range and can last for 15 minutes in the air.

The WienerDrone and another new vehicle, the WeinerCycle, will make their debut at an Independence Day event in Weiner, Arkansas.

With that mission in mind, Oscar Mayer is expanding its WienerFleet.

"As the most iconic brand, we're going where other hot dogs can't", Greg Guidotti, Oscar Meyer's head of marketing, said in a news release.

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Of course, the real coup de grâce is the new WienerDrone that is being billed as the world's first "unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft".

The new members of the fleet join the classic Wienermobile, the WienerMini and the WienerRover.

The WienerFleet expansion shows how Oscar Mayer is going to great lengths "for the love of hot dogs", not only with its new hot dog recipe, but in connecting with consumers over the key grilling season, and getting a better dog in consumers' hands.

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