Florida's Seniors Not Immune To Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Trump makes push on health bill repeal-only vote an option

Florida's Seniors Not Immune To Proposed Medicaid Cuts

When the Affordable Care Act passed, but the Supreme Court struck down the Medicaid expansion mandate, the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City advocated for expansion in both Kansas and Missouri. Now the overall amount of care provided is reimbursed in large part by federal funds that match or exceed state funding for Medicaid recipients. Who's right? They both are.

The Tucson Medical Center's Judy Rich talks about the landmark decision by former Gov. Jan Brewer to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

With the Republican health care plan awaiting its day for a vote, home health care providers are determining how the bill will impact Americans-and their businesses. Jill Cormier, an Altru patient advocacy supervisor, described Medicaid as a kind of "crutch", in that numerous individuals she works with use it on a temporary basis to "get them on their feet".

Wasserman-Schultz's tepid response to a question on her support for single-payer is a reflection of compelling arguments made by political-philosophers like Michael Sandel in What Money Can't Buy, on how markets crowd out morals in public discourse and why we forbid markets in organ transplants; because the buying and selling of goods like human organs degrades them by inappropriately valuing them in terms of monetary worth. Cass reports that since the mid-1970s, safety-net spending on people below the poverty line has doubled, but virtually all of the increase-91 percent-has been devoted to health spending. But politicians often leave out that important detail, perhaps giving the impression that all premiums would be significantly affected. Since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, the state's rate of children without insurance dropped by over 44 percent. The price of insurance isn't something that typically goes down.

During my years of practice, I have seen with my own eyes the bad things that happen to kids who are uninsured. The report considers premiums for benchmark plans - now the second-lowest cost silver plan - which are used to calculate the amount of tax credits. Those who have Medicaid report it provides them with better coverage and financial protection than those with private health insurance. But that option doesn't include funds equivalent to the enhanced match under expansion, Hutchinson said.

Keeping kids healthy begins with keeping them covered. "The bill recently assembled in secret by a handful of Senate Republicans would severely harm many thousands of elderly, sick and lower- to middle-income Minnesotans", Dayton said. LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis said the new plan will also hurt the local economy. "We've all witnessed the outcomes of untreated addictions", Wille said. As a result, state policymakers would be forced to decide how to make up the difference. The ratio under the ACA, or current law, is 3:1.

The Senate plan decreases subsidies for older people making less than $42,000.

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The current draft of the proposed Trumpcare plan would cut billions of dollars from programs like Medicaid, created to help people with low or no incomes.

"Not only the out-of-pocket cost, but the pre-existing conditions", Wright said. President Donald Trump hinted Wednesday that Senate Republicans will unveil a "big surprise" that will get the bill back on track. When the program first rolled out, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) revealed it would cost $13 billion over time.

The GOP bill could also cut funding for Oregon's so-called K Program, which offers funding that keeps the severely disabled at home and out of institutions.

As Staff Writer Martin Espinoza reported last week ("GOP bill may put more pressure on system", Sunday), emergency departments in the county have seen a 67 percent increase in visits by Medi-Cal patients in the past three years.

And then there are out-of-pocket costs to consider. Today Medicaid covers one in four Oregonians through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Some people - say, the young and healthy - would rather have the lower premium and a higher deductible or copay; others wouldn't. Had Missouri and Kansas expanded Medicaid, that number would total closer to an estimated 700,000 Kansans and Missourians who could access quality health care.

Determining the individual impact.

But the bill goes further than simply repealing the ACA.

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