IDF: Israel-Controlled Golan Heights Shelled From Syrian Territory

Smoke billows in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in an earlier incident where stray fire crossed the armistice line as a result of the internal fighting in Syria

IDF: Israel-Controlled Golan Heights Shelled From Syrian Territory

The Israel Defense Forces struck Syria today after various projectiles fell in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights earlier today.

According to Channel 2 News' Roni Daniel, the fighting in Syria has escalated and this is why Israel's northern region has recently been the scene of several errant fire cases. The IDF said in a statement Motzoei Shabbos that it was "not involved in the internal fight going on in Syria, but we take seriously all violations of Israeli sovereignty".

The two mortar shells, spillover from the fighting in Syria, landed on the Israeli side of the border causing no damage or injuries, in the latest such incident on the tense frontier.

The Israeli military tightened the northern border of the occupied Golan Heights in the summer of 2015, reportedly in an effort to prevent access to Syria by Druze living in the occupied area who said they would cross the border in order to protect their brethren in the ongoing Syrian civil war.

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A mortar shell was identified near the security fence in the northern Golan Heights, which is believed to be the projectile launched from the war-torn country.

The IDF said it attacked a Syrian army artillery position in retaliation.

On Sunday, Israel attacked a Syrian army units after in response to spillover.

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