Photobucket Hold Images in "Ransom Demand"

Photobucket Hold Images in

Photobucket Hold Images in "Ransom Demand"

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The new rules state that Photobucket users must pay an additional fee to have their photos embedded on third party sites - including, but not limited to e-commerce.

Photobucket has said that staff are "trying our best to respond quickly" to user feedback and questions, but the firm's social media has been flooded with users voicing their displeasure at the changes, and promising to leave the company for alternative hosting services. In fact, the company also received accusations and allegations from some of its customers complaining about the fact that the change was done all of a sudden and without any prior notice or intimation about the same.

Photobucket demands that users pay a fee to make their images visible again on third-party sites.

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With many members caught unaware by the change, thousands of pages on retail platforms, along with blogs and other sites, have had their images replaced with a placeholder informing users to update their account.

Photobucket was established back in 2003 and is one of the most popular image hosting services.

While its popularity has waned in recent years, Photobucket says it still has more than 100 million customers and over 15 billion images on its servers. The company could choose to provide a similar image hosting service of its own. Year-to-date, AMZN has gained 28.12%, versus an 8.35% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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